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Church, carnival and association flags

Flags are usually of very high quality and valuable made. Even very badly damaged flags can be restored, as the restoration here shows.

State of the flag before the restoration:

The base materials are badly worn and display cracks and holes. The embroidery is loose in many places or there are parts missing. As is usual for a flag of this age, both flag leaves are heavily warped. Borders, loops and fringes are irreparably damaged.

Restoration measures:

The flag is completely separated from one another, all borders and fringes are removed. All embroidery is reworked by hand, loose threads are secured, missing threads are added. The basic materials of the flag leaves are completely over-tamboured for security. For this purpose, the base material is underlaid if there are cracks and then completely embroidered with a hand-held embroidery machine (tambourizing machine). The corner squares were embroidered on a new base material based on the original template.

After this very elaborate work, the entire flag is completely re-sewn with new borders, fringes and loops. In between the flag leaves comes a seperator made of cotton nettle.



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